Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sydney B Clinches First Place Monday "B" Class

In winning on moderate wind tonight, we cemented our hold on 1st Place, staving off a late charge by Phoenix in the points standings. With one race to go - it is matematically impossible to be caught by any competitor. Congrats to the crew for winning in our rookie season.

Interestingly enough - we are 152 points back of catching J-142 (J-29) for first place overall A and B for Monday nights. All comes down to one final race!

Monday, July 28, 2008

2nd Place Overall - Pugwash Harbourfest

Sydney B had a great weekend of sailing in Nova Scotia as she placed 2nd overall at the Pugwash Harbourfest. After three races we were tied for first at 6 points with the Kirby 25 "O Chute" but lost the tie break (wins).

The first race, the 20 nautical mile Northumberland Straight Assocation Race, had us end up second behind O Chute. The wind was awsome, blowing 15 to 20 SW. During the race we hit two new speed records for Sydney B. 7.8 kts hard to weather and 8.43kts on a reach. Thanks to Jon and Morgan who worked their butts off to grind the 145% into place.

The second race, a windward leward 5.33 mile course found us in a tack and cover match with a couple other boats with us a close second at the windward mark. We ended up finishing 3rd over the line and placed 2nd on corrected time - only 12 seconds back of the Kirby 25. A solid 2nd once again.

The final 10 mile Bermuda start race had us working hard to catch the starting boat who was giving a surprising 8 and a half minute lead. Tacking up the narrow channel into Pugwash while doing everything to hold off Osprey, a Beneteau 305 from Armdale, was a great experience - especially seeing many town folk cheering us all on from the shore (which was only boat lengths away). Another 2nd place.

Thanks to Morgan Payne who sailed over to Pugwash with me on Friday night - in 15 knots on the nose and rolling seas and who sailed back on Sunday. Thanks to crew Jon Band, Jillian Clark and Andrew Deveau for driving over and helping us compete.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Newer Personal Speed Record

This boat loves wind. With six crew aboard in 20 knots + of wind and with full sails up, Sydney B went 8.38Kts of boatspeed on a broad reach - fantastic. Taking a victory was just as excellent. Many thanks to the crew.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Personal Speed Record

Sailing with a 70% Jib and one reef in the main today in 25knots of wind we hit 7.41 knots to wind and 8.20knots on a reach (9.1knots overground) and staying over 7knots without effort. The boat with the new rudder handled wonderfully.

Thanks to Morgan and Jon who, with me, wanted to be the only ones out today.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally - Boat in the water

Well, despite only 7 degrees and north wind - the boat went in without any problems today. Thanks to Rob, Paul, Morgan and Jillian for taking a couple hours to drop the boat in the water and raise the mast - couldnt have done it without you. All that's left is to go sailing!
Photo Cred: JCC

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boat Goes in This Saturday

Sydney B will head in to the water this Saturday at 1pm. I will need all the help I can get during the lift and then to put the mast up... and with luck, to take her out for a test run.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 18 - Almost Done

So then rain has, so far held off. As a result I've got nearly everything done (of course with some help from Rob, thanks Rob). Ive decided to finish my final coats of grey in the fall because the first race is next Monday and I dont want to miss it. Just one coat left on the transom and one coat left for the top blue stripe - then replace some caulking, mount the motor and she's done!

First Race is May 26!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Coats 2 of 2 of POR 15 of keel DONE.
Coats 3 of 3 of fairing product on keel DONE.
Coats 6 of 6 of Epoxy on hull DONE
Coats 3 of 3 of VC17 on hull DONE.
Coats 1 of 1 of Cetol on teak DONE.
Coats 1 of 1 of Pre-Kote primer on hull DONE.
Coats 2 of 2 of the blue bootstripe DONE.
Coats 6 of 6 of the hull epoxy under the support pads DONE.
Coats 9 of 9 of the epoxy on the keel DONE.
Coats 3 of 3 of VC-17 on the keel DONE.
Stereo installation DONE.
Wood pannelling installation DONE.
Manufacture, assemble and paint rudder and tiller DONE. (35 hrs)
Coats 4 of 4 of VC-17 on the rudder DONE.
Coats 2 of 4 of the steel grey paint DONE UNTIL FALL.
Coats 2 of 2 of the white upper paint DONE.
Coats 2 of 2 of the blue stripe DONE.
Window 2 of 2 installed DONE.
100 % of Caulking replaced DONE.
Re-wire the VHF and add new antenna DONE.
Survey DONE.

The second coat of grey paint is on - thanks to Rob for helping me out.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Before and After

Pictures showing before and after on the hull... If only it didnt take over a hundred hours.

May 4 - Crane and paint

Two more coats on the keel - only five more to go. EB Brown's came by to move me on a Sunday - quite thankful. Even better to have Jon Band and Mike Rankin show up to lend a hand on 5 minutes notice.

The move went off very smoothly - although I'm sure Jon who was on the boat in the air may have another point of view. The old bottom coats are again stipped off and the first coat of epoxy has been rolled on. The first coat of blue interlux brightside has been rolled on - one or two more left.

Thanks Mike and Jon.

Photo Credit. J.C. Clark

May 3 - Primer

Boat was now been primed and the keel has two coats of epoxy. Things are moving along nicely.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29 - Bottom Coat Rolled On

1. 6 Coats of Interprotect 2000E

2. Sanded Hull below waterline with 80 Grit

3. Sanded Hull below waterline with 220 Grit (very smooth)

4. Washed down hull with thinner

5. Masked off waterline

6. Rolled on two coats of Red VC17M bottom paint with Teflon

Since last update, Ive also spent 18 hrs sanding the keel - not by choice, but just out of necessity becaus ethe stuff I applied turned out to be as hard as a rock. I then applied a complete coat of lightweight red marine body filler. I got through sanding most of one side of the keel today - and it was turning out perfectly smooth - but the sander simply wore out. I'll have to pick up a new one soon I guess.

All I need now, and as soon as possible, is for the crane to move the boat forward one foot in its cradle so I can start at the parts previously under the cradle stand. Its coming along - but a long way to go yet.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20 Renovation Update

Its cold. Cold means no progress on the paint/epoxy. Cold also means the stuff I put on the keel hasnt dried for days and its going to rain soon. Great.

I did manage to rip an old window out and install a new tinted one. I think it looks pretty good.

Jillian and I also painted all the interior wood with Cetol varnish - really made the teak look great.

Friday, April 18, 2008

April 17 Renovation Update

Note first - CYC started putting their docks in today - sweeet.

So since last post I've taken two afternoons off (holidays) to paint so toxic epoxy onto the hull. I've now applied two coats of POR15 on the keel, sanded it, and smeared on Watertight filler into all the pit marks and holes in the iron. I'll finish it off with cheaper Canadian tire bondo this weekend then hand sand it to a nice shape so it glides better through the water.

I've now applied 4 coats of Interprotect on the hull. The aim is for 6 coats before i start sanding that to a smooth finish. Once thats done, three coats of VC17 Red and then bring the crane in to move the boat ahead 1 foot so I can do it all over again on the parts under the stands. Starting to hate this.

When its cold out, I spend hours with a razor blade cutting the caulking off the boat - I so wish I could pay some kid to do this job - it sucks.

I estimate now that im up to 150 hours on this project.

April 9 Renovation Update

A ton of progress since the last post as the weather has finally gone above the minimum 10 degrees Celcius required to paint. I painted the first coat of POR15 on the keel. Reading the warnings on this product made me worried:

"HUMAN EFFECTS OF OVEREXPOSURE:Inhalation of MDI vapors or aerosols in concentrations above 0.02 ppm can produce irritation of the mucous membranes in the respiratory tract, running nose, sore throat, productive cough and a reduction of lung function. Extensive exposures to concentrations well above the TLV could lead to bronchitis, bronchial spasm and pulmonary edema. These effects are usually reversible. However, due to low vola tility, high exposures are not anticipated except if the material is overheated or sprayed as an aerosol into the air. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis has also been reported. Another type of response is hyperreactivity or hypersensitization. Persons with a preexisting unspecific bronchial hyperreactivity or persons with a specific isocyanate hype rsensitivity (as a result of previous repeated overexposure or a single large dosage)will respond to small isocyanate concentrations at levels well below the TLV of 0.02 ppm. Symptoms could be immediate or delayed and include chest tightness, respiratory distress or asthmatic attack. "

Also apparently im suposed to have an eyewash shower and deluge present when I apply the paint. I'm fresh out of deluge showers though.

So geared up with a respirator and googles and hand to elbow gloves, I applied the POR15 to the keel and it worked perfectly. Sealed the raw iron to a smooth hard finish.

Next I rolled on the first coat of gray Interprotect Epoxy 2000. This one seemed to smell even worse and both Jon and Mike came by the tell me the parking lot reaked of the vapours. Apparently my mask worked, or I was too stoned from the fumes to know better. I hope it worked. Only 5 more coats of Interprotect, but I'm switching to white.

April 6 - Renovation Update

Have been busy since the last post. Ordered a new stereo and antena for the boat to replace the one which was stolen. Finished all my presanding both below and above the waterline. As of today, the last "Felicity" logo was sanded off so officially the boat as a No Name now.

I recently pull the old window off one side of the boat and tried to install the new tinited one - but they pre-drilled the hole sin the wrong spot so it broke. New ones have been ordered.
Next up - remove caulk, both black and white.

Monday, March 24, 2008

March 24 - Renovations + Thieves

Another day of sanding - yesterday and today saw the entire hull sanded a second time to prepare for epoxy and paint. This job truly sucks, but the lesson of why its important is visible on some boats in the yard whose paint is peeling off. Paint will not stick to an unsanded hull.

Byproduct of sanding is fiberglass dust - respirator and googles required.

Jillian came out to take some pictures for the blog. When I finished up and came home to review them, I noticed a hole cut in the tarp. Heading back out to investigate it became clear before I climbed up to have a closer look that the hole was perfectly cut with a knife. Looking in, the hatch was smashed open, the boat was ransacked, and the stereo and a few other things were gone. Leaves a pretty bad taste in my mouth. Seems I'll have a few more repairs to add to the list, not to mention the purchase of a new stereo.

On the upside, 90% of the presanding is complete. All I need now is some warm weather for painting.

March 21 - Renovations

At this point I have 100 hours committed to the renovations on the boat. I spent the fall stripping 8 layers of paint off the bottom, grinding 1/4 inch of metal off the whole keel, and sanding the fiberglass to a smooth finish.

Apparently one should wear eye googles and not glasses when grinding raw iron, or so said the ER doctor as she romved the meatl from my cornea. Very pianfull. Oh and I now know the paint stripper that I used is a cancer causing agent. Wonderful.

So today I wire-wheeled the keel to remove the winter rust build-up. I do not recommend this process as steel needles rotating at high speed turned my legs into a pin cushion. Cleaned the keel up nice though.

Another pleasant suprise - after sanding off some cover up paint I found the repair job from when a previous owner had a few too many and rammed into something - hard. Oh well, just another thing to fix.