Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally - Boat in the water

Well, despite only 7 degrees and north wind - the boat went in without any problems today. Thanks to Rob, Paul, Morgan and Jillian for taking a couple hours to drop the boat in the water and raise the mast - couldnt have done it without you. All that's left is to go sailing!
Photo Cred: JCC

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boat Goes in This Saturday

Sydney B will head in to the water this Saturday at 1pm. I will need all the help I can get during the lift and then to put the mast up... and with luck, to take her out for a test run.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 18 - Almost Done

So then rain has, so far held off. As a result I've got nearly everything done (of course with some help from Rob, thanks Rob). Ive decided to finish my final coats of grey in the fall because the first race is next Monday and I dont want to miss it. Just one coat left on the transom and one coat left for the top blue stripe - then replace some caulking, mount the motor and she's done!

First Race is May 26!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Coats 2 of 2 of POR 15 of keel DONE.
Coats 3 of 3 of fairing product on keel DONE.
Coats 6 of 6 of Epoxy on hull DONE
Coats 3 of 3 of VC17 on hull DONE.
Coats 1 of 1 of Cetol on teak DONE.
Coats 1 of 1 of Pre-Kote primer on hull DONE.
Coats 2 of 2 of the blue bootstripe DONE.
Coats 6 of 6 of the hull epoxy under the support pads DONE.
Coats 9 of 9 of the epoxy on the keel DONE.
Coats 3 of 3 of VC-17 on the keel DONE.
Stereo installation DONE.
Wood pannelling installation DONE.
Manufacture, assemble and paint rudder and tiller DONE. (35 hrs)
Coats 4 of 4 of VC-17 on the rudder DONE.
Coats 2 of 4 of the steel grey paint DONE UNTIL FALL.
Coats 2 of 2 of the white upper paint DONE.
Coats 2 of 2 of the blue stripe DONE.
Window 2 of 2 installed DONE.
100 % of Caulking replaced DONE.
Re-wire the VHF and add new antenna DONE.
Survey DONE.

The second coat of grey paint is on - thanks to Rob for helping me out.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Before and After

Pictures showing before and after on the hull... If only it didnt take over a hundred hours.

May 4 - Crane and paint

Two more coats on the keel - only five more to go. EB Brown's came by to move me on a Sunday - quite thankful. Even better to have Jon Band and Mike Rankin show up to lend a hand on 5 minutes notice.

The move went off very smoothly - although I'm sure Jon who was on the boat in the air may have another point of view. The old bottom coats are again stipped off and the first coat of epoxy has been rolled on. The first coat of blue interlux brightside has been rolled on - one or two more left.

Thanks Mike and Jon.

Photo Credit. J.C. Clark

May 3 - Primer

Boat was now been primed and the keel has two coats of epoxy. Things are moving along nicely.