Friday, April 18, 2008

April 17 Renovation Update

Note first - CYC started putting their docks in today - sweeet.

So since last post I've taken two afternoons off (holidays) to paint so toxic epoxy onto the hull. I've now applied two coats of POR15 on the keel, sanded it, and smeared on Watertight filler into all the pit marks and holes in the iron. I'll finish it off with cheaper Canadian tire bondo this weekend then hand sand it to a nice shape so it glides better through the water.

I've now applied 4 coats of Interprotect on the hull. The aim is for 6 coats before i start sanding that to a smooth finish. Once thats done, three coats of VC17 Red and then bring the crane in to move the boat ahead 1 foot so I can do it all over again on the parts under the stands. Starting to hate this.

When its cold out, I spend hours with a razor blade cutting the caulking off the boat - I so wish I could pay some kid to do this job - it sucks.

I estimate now that im up to 150 hours on this project.

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