Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29 - Bottom Coat Rolled On

1. 6 Coats of Interprotect 2000E

2. Sanded Hull below waterline with 80 Grit

3. Sanded Hull below waterline with 220 Grit (very smooth)

4. Washed down hull with thinner

5. Masked off waterline

6. Rolled on two coats of Red VC17M bottom paint with Teflon

Since last update, Ive also spent 18 hrs sanding the keel - not by choice, but just out of necessity becaus ethe stuff I applied turned out to be as hard as a rock. I then applied a complete coat of lightweight red marine body filler. I got through sanding most of one side of the keel today - and it was turning out perfectly smooth - but the sander simply wore out. I'll have to pick up a new one soon I guess.

All I need now, and as soon as possible, is for the crane to move the boat forward one foot in its cradle so I can start at the parts previously under the cradle stand. Its coming along - but a long way to go yet.

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